Theme: Values and ethics

Education for Sustainable Consumption through Mindfulness

Part of an Active Methodology Images and Objects series and offers a variety of ideas and suggestions for teachers, trainers and other pedagogical professionals who want to experience and try mindfulness exercises together with those they teach or train.

Time as a Resource

Part of an Active Methodologies Images and Objects series and aims at promoting active learning activities involving real world problems. These are complex problems which require learners to work together to identify solutions and to make change happen.

Sustainable lifestyles: Options and opportunities

This publication offers proven actions for creating and inspiring more sustainable lifestyles. It provides the rationale, resources and ideas for developing initiatives across areas of food, mobility, housing, goods and leisure as well as in general sustainable lifestyle areas.

Fostering and communicating sustainable lifestyles: Principles and emerging practices

The goal of this report is to further the understanding of sustainable lifestyles and accelerate their widespread adoption. The report does so by identifying elements to consider when developing sustainable lifestyle and related initiatives, and by providing guidance for effective communication, framing and engagement strategies.

Midiendo lo que importa

Los profesores, estudiantes, padres y/o administradores participantes trabajan juntos para elegir aquellos indicadores que consideran útiles y relevantes. Si fuese necesario, el parafraseo de los indicadores puede cambiarse y, entonces, pueden identificarse otros métodos de medición adecuados.