Values and ethics

Values and ethics form the foundation of our attitudes and actions. Upon them, we build our personalities, behavior and our societies. Yet, in the context of sustainable living, values often seem to be intangible and difficult to address.Therefore, reference materials and learning resources that deal with the values and morals that underpin sustainable living are included in this section.

Values-based education attempts to contribute to:

  • the development of a common language by which to discuss values
  • increased awareness of how values relate to the complex and highly interconnected systems and processes that drive our lives
  • achieving a dynamic coherence between material and non-material requirements of life.
  • fostering a vibrant community life characterized by such a keen sense of purpose
  • inspiring the capacity for service

Many diverse approaches to sustainable living have sprung from reflection on values such as empathy and compassion. Moderation and sharing are being increasingly acknowledged as essential ways of managing the world’s finite resources. Collaborative learning is being recognized as an imperative means of involving everyone in the processes of defining and implementing sustainable, responsible lifestyles.