Leisure and entertainment

The Leisure and Entertainment industry is regarded as one of the biggest economic activities globally, driving wealth, promoting employment, and regional development. Despite a steady rise in export income through global tourism each year, the challenge to ensure long term sustainability of the industry, while also ensuring the wellbeing of the local communities, remains a cause of concern. The impact of the industry on our environment has been extremely adverse, linked with the growing need for general infrastructures including roads, highways, airports, shipyards, hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes etc. The growth in the leisure and entertainment industries over the years has resulted in over exploitation of natural resources, be it our water, land or air.

There persists a growing need for sustainable policies to ensure minimal effect and impact of this industry on the use of natural resources, infrastructure, and socio-cultural well being of communities across the globe.

A sustainable leisure and entertainment industry results from a continuous process of ensuring optimal use of environmental resources, respecting local communities, and ensuring sustainable, long-term economic operations, providing fairly distributed benefits among tourism stakeholders.