Theme: Values and ethics uses the Crowdlearning method to engage young people worldwide in problem-solving, co-creation and sharing of knowledge, all in all to speed up the world’s path towards sustainability.

SDG Coloring Book

The SDG Coloring Book includes illustrations that can be used by anyone who wishes to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals or sustainable development in general.

Education for Sustainable Development Goals: learning objectives

This publication is designed as a guide for education professionals on the use of ESD in learning for the SDGs, and consequently to contribute to achieving the SDGs. The guide identifies indicative learning objectives and suggests topics and learning activities for each SDG. It also presents implementation methods at different levels, from course design to national strategies.

Biodiversity toolkit

The activities within the biodiversity toolkit provide students with an understanding of the importance of nature and how all living things are connected.

Why buy? The symbolic value of consumption

Part of an Active Methodology Images and Objects series and focuses on historical reflection, self-analysis, and comparison of examples as key learning strategies, to help explore themes related to responsible living and sustainable development. The toolkit encourages communication between students and elders in their families or communities.