Resource type: Case studies

Sustainable lifestyles: Options and opportunities

This publication offers proven actions for creating and inspiring more sustainable lifestyles. It provides the rationale, resources and ideas for developing initiatives across areas of food, mobility, housing, goods and leisure as well as in general sustainable lifestyle areas.

Sustainable Lifestyles: Options and Opportunities in the Workplace

This publication offers proven actions for creating and enabling sustainable lifestyles. It is aimed at those groups and individuals in workplaces who are open and willing to demonstrate and incentivize sustainable lifestyles and need guidance along the way.

Exploring Youth Entrepreneurship

The report presents good practices to promote youth entrepreneurship as a way to maintain global employment rates and provide sustained livelihood opportunities to vulnerable groups.

NOAA Citizen Science website

Supports citizen science by helping to manage a community of practice, coordinating a catalog of projects, and representing the agency in broader efforts.