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Global Oneness Project

Using stories as a pedagogical tool for growing minds, we bring the world’s cultures alive in the classroom. Committed to the exploration of cultural, environmental, and social issues, we offer a rich library of multimedia stories comprised of award-winning films, photo essays, and essays.

UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

Enabling citizens to learn throughout life has become a priority for communities around the world. Lifelong learning as the foundation of sustainable social, economic and environmental development is also at the heart of UNESCO’s learning city concept.

Hatched: The capacity for sustainable development

The aim of this e-book is to provide a representation of research findings on the topic of sustainability in an accessible form for practitioners within the public, business and wider community sectors of New Zealand.

Exploring Youth Entrepreneurship

The report presents good practices to promote youth entrepreneurship as a way to maintain global employment rates and provide sustained livelihood opportunities to vulnerable groups.