Theme: Leisure and entertainment

Education for Sustainable Consumption through Mindfulness

Part of an Active Methodology Images and Objects series and offers a variety of ideas and suggestions for teachers, trainers and other pedagogical professionals who want to experience and try mindfulness exercises together with those they teach or train.

Time as a Resource

Part of an Active Methodologies Images and Objects series and aims at promoting active learning activities involving real world problems. These are complex problems which require learners to work together to identify solutions and to make change happen.

Anatomy of action

The Anatomy of action outlines the top level changes any individual can make to support the growing shift to global sustainability.

Looking for Likely Alternatives (LOLA)

LOLA is a pedagogical tool for teachers and students which assists them in the process of identifying, evaluating and documenting cases of social innovation towards sustainable lifestyles.

Global Oneness Project

Using stories as a pedagogical tool for growing minds, we bring the world’s cultures alive in the classroom. Committed to the exploration of cultural, environmental, and social issues, we offer a rich library of multimedia stories comprised of award-winning films, photo essays, and essays.

Sea Turtle toolkit

The sea turtle toolkit provides a resource guide and six activities around this iconic species, the threats they face, and what we can do to protect sea turtles for generations to come.