Content type: Publication

Sustainable lifestyles: Options and opportunities

This publication offers proven actions for creating and inspiring more sustainable lifestyles. It provides the rationale, resources and ideas for developing initiatives across areas of food, mobility, housing, goods and leisure as well as in general sustainable lifestyle areas.

Fostering and communicating sustainable lifestyles: Principles and emerging practices

The goal of this report is to further the understanding of sustainable lifestyles and accelerate their widespread adoption. The report does so by identifying elements to consider when developing sustainable lifestyle and related initiatives, and by providing guidance for effective communication, framing and engagement strategies.

Human Development Reports

These reports focus on the human development approach that remains useful to articulating the objectives of development and improving people’s well-being by ensuring an equitable, sustainable and stable planet.

Sustainable Lifestyles: Options and Opportunities in the Workplace

This publication offers proven actions for creating and enabling sustainable lifestyles. It is aimed at those groups and individuals in workplaces who are open and willing to demonstrate and incentivize sustainable lifestyles and need guidance along the way.

Looking for Likely Alternatives (LOLA)

LOLA is a pedagogical tool for teachers and students which assists them in the process of identifying, evaluating and documenting cases of social innovation towards sustainable lifestyles.